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Title: The Angelic Company  
Rating: PG13
Pairings: Castiel/Dean, Gabriel/Sam
Characters: Castiel, Gabriel, Sam, Dean, Crowley, Chuck, Becky, Lucifer, Ruby
Word Count: 11K
Warnings: None
Summary: Sam preferred law over chocolates. Dean liked chocolate (especially chocolate pie) but was more comfortable with cars. But when John takes an impromptu vacation, they must take over the family business or risk losing it to the sleazy ice cream shop owner Lucifer.
A/N:This was written for the spn_reversebang 2011
Check out the amazing art and fanmix by [info]lonewined that this was inspired by!
Deleted Scenes 

The only downfall to dating Gabriel was that it provided Dean with endless material to torment him with. It was during lunch, the day after their first date that Dean struck. Dean, being who he is, did not bother to talk time and place into consideration.  Or, more likely, he just didn’t care that Cas was in the room with them.

Sam was busy on his laptop so he failed to see the wicked grin appear on Dean’s face in time to be on guard. “Hey, Sammy. Did Gabriel let you suck his lollipop yet?”

Sam choked on his spit. “What?”

Cas looked up from the files he had been reviewing. “Sam, if you want to try one of Gabriel’s new lollipops I’m sure he’d let you if you just asked him.”

Sam who had just managed to regain control of his breathing chocked again.

Dean meanwhile alternated between laughing his head off and staring at Cas with something close to wonder.

“There’s no way you didn’t catch the innuendo there, Cas.” He said in between chuckles.  

Cas simply frowned at him before gathering up all of the files on the table and leaving the room. Dean shook his head, still amused.

“Dude, sometimes I —Sam? Hey, c’mon Sammy, breathe! I’m not your boy toy, I won’t give you CPR if you—ow!”


“Hey, Becky, can you take these to up Sam and Dean?” Chuck asked, waving a folder in her direction. “It’s the final version of the new ad they requested.”

“Just a second,” Becky replied, typing away rapidly at her computer. “I just need to finish this paragraph.”

“What are you doing anyway?” Chuck asked, suspiciously. “I thought you were done for the day.”

Becky grinned at her screen. “I am.”

He couldn’t help it. He was human and curious. He looked over her shoulder.

Almost immediately, all the color drained form his face. “Are you, are you writing porn about our bosses?”

Becky sighed happily. “It’s called RPS. Forget fictional characters, the real deal is just so much better. I mean, I could actually just walk in on them sometimes. Everyone online is so jealous.”

“…never mind. I’ll take this to them myself.  You just, just, make sure they never find out that I know about this.”


Exactly eight months, three weeks, and four days after he seemingly vanished off the face of the earth, John Winchester just as abruptly returned. He didn’t bother to call beforehand, he just showed up bright and early at the AC and headed straight for his office, intending to surprise his boys.

He was the one that ended up being surprised.

Without bothering to knock, he walked right in just in time to see Dean shove his accountant against the wall and try to kiss the living shit out of him. He backtracked immediately and shut the door quietly. He stood there staring at it for a moment.


He hadn’t even known that Dean was gay. Maybe he should make a greater effort to spend more time with his sons. Not now obviously, Dean looked like he’d be busy for a while now.

Maybe he should go find Sam and ask him when his brother started going for the other team.
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